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The image of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has been renewed

The image of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has been renewed

As it approaches its bicentenary in 2025, the Academy has repaid its old debts: it has undertaken an image update that maintains its traditions, but adapts to the expectations of today's visual communication and digital environment. Design agency DE_FORM won the possibility of implementation through an invitational tender.

The most important result of the change is that next to the original main symbol, the glyph, the letterpress and logo printing system is now at the center of the image:

The logo was created using the Amen Display font family by type designer Ádám Katyi, which visually reflects the core values ​​and goals of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. With this new print, present and past meet in a classic and contemporary image frame, while providing an opportunity for simple and clear communication. Regarding the colors of the image, the designers took inspiration from the original painting palette of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, thus strengthening the visual connection between Allegória and the institution.

Click here to access the short film showing the image.

Many people have already been able to meet the new face at this year's Hungarian Science Festival series of events. The Transport Authority thanks everyone who participated in creating the new image, and is confident that the new visual identity will strengthen its relationship with the scientific community and society.

Darkly Quiet: Symbol

The emblem of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was designed by Istvan Széchenyi in 1831. The work is the work of Austrian Johann Nepomuk Ender. In the picture, Hebe, the goddess of youth in Greek mythology and the keeper of the nectar that gives eternal life, offers the Hungarian nation, represented by the eagle, the drink of science and art. The coat of arms of Hungary is located in the center of the shield, and the image running around the perimeter depicts the meeting between Attila and Pope Leo in front of Rome. Next to the coat of arms stands on the right the goddess Minerva (Athena), who lifts the veil from Pannonia. The atmosphere of the landscape is bleak, but in the background it is beginning to become clear. The academy's motto can be read below the image: “Borúra dűrű”.

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Hungarian Scientific Academy

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences is the most trusted institution in Hungary, which performs national public tasks related to the cultivation, support and representation of science. Its general body, which is based on the principle of self-government and operates as a legal entity, includes approximately 19,000 members. The oldest institution of Hungarian science was founded by Count Istvan Széchenyi, who offered one year's income from his estate for this purpose at the Parliament of Bratislava held on 3 November 1825. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences – in accordance with the intention of its founder Istvan Széchenyi – has been continuously renewing itself for almost 200 years, to serve knowledge, the nation and global science. The aim of the Academy is to contribute to strengthening the country's situation and security, and improving the living conditions, knowledge and abilities of the Hungarian people. The Academy's mission stems from its ancient traditions, the results of Hungarian science, the mandate of academic law and its responsibility for its obligations. The Academy's work is based on respect for scientific facts, principles and methods, as well as commitment to the nation.


Design agency DE_FORM was founded by Nóra Demeczky and Enikő Déri in Budapest. After five years of successful collaboration, the design duo established their agency in 2020, which provides a wide range of visual solutions from art direction to graphic design to photography. Among their distinguished works are designing the image of museums, cities and universities, and creating world graphics for films, festivals and exhibitions at home and abroad. DE_FORM is a community dedicated to cultural brands that value creative freedom and inclusive visual vision. They draw inspiration from all their projects, from modern arts to science.

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