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The iconic scene from Don’t Look Up was recalled at a show in the UK
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The iconic scene from Don’t Look Up was recalled at a show in the UK

Instead of Jennifer Lawrence’s ominous statement, this time the presenter tried to dismiss meteorologist John Hammond’s warning.

Netflix released Adam McKay’s satire Don’t Look at Christmas last year, and one of the most famous scenes was when Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence entered the morning news show to warn people of the danger of an impending meteor strike. However, Cate Blanchett, who plays the presenter, attempts to downplay the subject with funny interjections, which is understandably displeased by Lawrence’s character.

Just seven months later, a similar situation occurred in the UK on GB News, whose guest was meteorologist John Hammond. The hosts asked about the friendly 20-degree weather at the time, but he couldn’t stop himself from warning viewers of the upcoming heatwave next week, which could claim fatalities. Host reaction? “I hope we are happy about the weather.” At this point, the lady didn’t pull the handbrake and called emergency bird meteorologists in, coming up with the argument that there have always been warmer periods in the country’s history. Showing genuine coolness, Hammond did not drink the water in connection with the primitive comment, then explained that, since the beginning of the measurements, there had never been a 40-degree temperature in the UK, and detailed the effect that temperature could have on infrastructure.

The show quickly became popular, and resourceful viewers cut the two scenes side by side to make the resemblance even more impressive. The meteorologist’s case also reached McKay, who also commented, lamenting that there was no opportunity for similar examples in the United States, where climate activists and climatologists are not allowed to be guests on news programs. So, in 2022, the “don’t search” message is more important than ever.

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