The Hungarians ruthlessly spent money on Valentine's Day last year

The Hungarians ruthlessly spent money on Valentine’s Day last year

Sentimental shoppers are spending more than ever on Valentine’s Day: spending on it has increased 180% in Europe over the past decade, according to Mastercard’s annual Love Index. Based on spending, Valentine’s Day is becoming more and more popular among Hungarians as well. Last year our citizens spent more than 10 billion HUF in this period compared to 2011. Half of that was spent on travel in 2020 by lovers, but more than 350 million is also on jewelry.

Thanks to a global analysis of card purchases, the report provides insight into spending habits and trends on the most romantic days of the year. Consequently, Europe is buying seven times more gifts and experiences (648 percent) than it was ten years ago – including gifts and traditional programs such as flowers (272 percent increase) and restaurant dinners (242 percent increase). Russia was the largest spender of flowers in all of Europe, followed by Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Spending on jewelry has also increased over the past decade, with an annual increase of 119 percent since 2011. Last year, Italy spent the most on jewelry, followed by the United Kingdom and Russia.

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However, with restrictions still in place across much of Europe, takeaway packages and homemade restaurants, park walks, homemade food, movie marathons, and home spa days are the most popular ways for couples to spend Valentine’s Day this year.

Online shopping has grown steadily over the past decade and has never been more popular than it is now. Over the past 10 years, the number of online transactions on Valentine’s Day in Europe has increased by 572 percent. Nearly half of those surveyed (45 percent) plan to buy Valentine’s Day gifts online this year, and 35 percent of Hungarians said so. And many also pay special attention to getting flowers and other gifts from local businesses – similar to the European average (49 percent), 47 percent of Hungarians plan to do so.

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Although the epidemic prevented people from physically meeting their loved ones, it did not prevent love from finding them anyway. One in five European participants (19 percent) found a connection online in the last year, and 19 percent also dated Zoomon or another video platform. Nearly one in three participants (30 percent) went for a walk with loved ones in the spirit of social distancing, and scored 21 percent on online dating sites last year.

The Mastercard report also indicates our attitude towards relationships; And also how could this Valentine’s Day be more valuable than ever. Forty-five percent of those surveyed are thinking more about Valentine’s Day this year, and 46 percent want to smuggle more creativity into the holiday than before. In both cases, Hungarian respondents were more enthusiastic than the European average, half of Hungarian respondents (50 percent) spent more energy planning a lovers’ vacation, and 52 percent wanted to be more creative than usual.

“For nearly a decade, the Mastercard Love Index provided insight into the global shopping habits and trends of the most romantic days of the year. Of course, this year is by no means comparable to others, but the rate of spending on Valentine’s Day is still higher than any “The percentage of gifts bought online or from local businesses is fantastic,” said Andre Olios, MasterCard Director for Hungary and Slovenia. “All this has undoubtedly stimulated e-commerce, and as a result, we are able to provide more and more people with a shopping experience The Internet is fast, convenient and secure, which helps them make the digital transformation. “

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10 best romantic experiences on Valentine’s Day 2021 (Europe)

1. Home-cooked meals are 49 percent

2. Meals ordered from restaurants 27 percent

3. Walk in the park 21 percent

4. Marathon movie 20 percent

5. Walk in the city and accommodation 19 percent

6. A homemade day spa is 13 percent

7. The game in the evening is 12 percent

8. Indoor stroll 11 percent

9. Outdoors, 6 percent

10. Virtual dating (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.): 5 percent

10 best romantic experiences for Valentine’s Day 2021 (Hungary)

1. Home-cooked meals 41 percent

2. Meals ordered from restaurants are 26 percent

3. Walking in the park is 22 percent

4. Marathon movie, 21 percent

5. Game in the evening 19 percent

6. Walk in the city and accommodation 18 percent

7. Indoor stroll, 18 percent

8. Homemade day spa – 16 percent

9. Outdoors, 7 percent

10. Virtual dating (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.): 5 percent

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