The Hungarian water polo team is qualified

The Hungarian women’s jersey team reached the semi-finals

In an exciting quarter-final, he defeated the best of the Hungarian women’s water polo team in the Netherlands by 14-11, bringing them to the semi-finals on Thursday, where Spain at 12.50 will be the opponent of the students of federal captain Attila Peru.

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The Hungarian women’s water polo team learned from their last group match when they started the match with China 2-7. Attila Biru’s students knew very well, that they couldn’t stand it now, because they were going to slip between the four at that time. They were not even allowed to beat the fourth-placed at the 2018 European Championships, tracking the match almost the entire length of the track.

The Dutch led the meeting only once, with a 1–0 draw. It was a tough game, despite moving to 10-7 in the third quarter, the opponent equalized in the fourth. In the last minute, the Dutch attacked with an emergency goalkeeper, but Laimetre scored a goal, reaching the top four in the fourth consecutive Hungarian Grand Prix.

Results, women’s water polo, quarter-finals:

Team Australia Russia 9-8 (4–2, 2–2, 2–2, 1–2),
US-Canada 16-5 (7-1, 4-2, 0-0, 5-2),
Spain v China 11-7 (5-2, 4-3, 2-1, 0-1).

More program, Thursday, semi-finals
8.30: Team USA and Russia.
12.50: Hungary-Spain.

5-8. for a place
7 am Holland and China time.
11.20: Canada and Australia.

Attila Peru: – All the players fought the battle, so we were better than the Dutch in every position, we deservedly won. So much for the refereeing that a sentence or two was still in our favour, and it was a little painful that they didn’t speak to us because the Dutch were able to stay in the game by five metres in the third quarter. With the attitude and teamwork shown in the quarter-finals, we can achieve more success in the Five Rings Championship.

Hungary-Netherlands 14-11 (4-3, 4-4, 2-2, 4-2)

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Women’s water polo, quarter-finals, Tokyo, behind closed gates.
Led by: Pires (Croatian), Severo (Italian).
Hungary: Magyari – Szilágyi D. 2, Keszthely-Nagy, Szücs, Parkes, Garda 1, Vályi V.
Replacement: Gurisatti 3, Illés A. 3, Leimeter 4, Gyöngyössy, Rybanska 1.
Federal Captain: Attila Biro.
Holland: Willemsz – Meegens 2, Genee 1, Stomphorst 2, Wolves, Sevenich, Van de Kraats 4. Csere: Joustra 1, Koolhaas, van der Sloot 1, Keuning, Sleeking.
Federal Captain: Arno Havinga.
Target – from human advantage: 12/9, respectively. 13/6.
From five meters: -, resp. 4/4.
Focus on: Vályi V., resp. Koolhaas, Sevinich, Jenny.

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