The Hungarian water polo team won the World Cup silver!

After winning the bronze medal in Barcelona in 2013, the Hungarian team was again on the podium at the World Championships, the last time they played in the World Cup Finals in Montreal in 2005, when they were defeated by Tamas Farago. The current defending champion, the US national team, after extra time, thus taking the second World Cup gold.

The Hungarians thus finished the World Aquatics Championships with five medals: swimmer Christoph Milak won the 100 and 200 meters butterfly at the Duna Arena, the relay team finished second in the open water races, and Péter Gálicz finished third in the 25 kilometer race.

Members of the Hungarian team silver medalists at the announcement of the results after the United States-Hungary match in the Women’s Water Polo World Championship Finals at the Alfréd Hajós National Sports Pool in Margitsziget on July 2, 2022. The United States-Hungary 9-7, the team thus won Hungarian women’s water polo with silver medal
Source: Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI

The Americans were the favorites to meet, as they last lost to the Italians in the World Cup 2,531 days ago, in the group stage of the 2015 tournament in Kazan, and in the current tournament, in the semi-finals on Thursday, they beat the Italian team 14-6, who beat them in the last round. Groups with the Hungarian host band.

At the same time, the Attila Peru team was recently the only one to defeat the United States, in the group stage of the Tokyo Olympics, beat the best 10-9 in the world, and knocked out (8-9) at the Olympics.

The President of the Republic, Katalin Novak, also immediately watched the World Cup final, and took part in the award ceremony after the match: she handed out medals to the girls.

Vanda Vályi brought in the first ball, and Rebecca Parkes provided the advantage, which was lost. The Americans finished the first two attacks without a shot, but on the other side, the first goal was scored, and Gréta Gurisatti scored from close range in Dorottya Szilágyi’s excellent pass. The Americans first scored in the middle of the quarter, when Madeline Mosselman equalized from square one. Soon, their second advance arrived, and Mosselmann sold it as well. Both teams made a lot of mistakes in attack, before the first half, the Hungarians managed to escape from a man’s flaw thanks to Rita Kisthely Nagy’s block.

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Valle won the swim for the second time, and the opportunity came again, but this too was missed, but on the other hand, the Americans also could not take advantage of the missed opportunity thanks to a large local block. The equalizer came from another Hungarian attack through Kishtili Nagy, but after a corner kick, the Americans slipped away, and Moselman scored his third goal. From the home team, Parks fought for another advantage, Gorissati’s cool shot under the crossbar, breaking the confidence of in-form goalkeeper Ashley Johnson. Swimming back, Natasa Rybanska was knocked out, but again the defense was at a disadvantage. A minute before the end of the first half, the Americans got a chance again, but this time they played the match brilliantly and Maggie Stevens scored from the center of the goal, although Magari managed to do it too.

At the beginning of the third half, the Americans increased their advantage with a gentle drop, but the difference did not become three, because Maguar made a great defense against the defect. While swimming, Muselman was suspended, Attila Biro asked for time, and Gorissati finished the number. A controversial American shot reached from a height of five meters, and Rybanska scored Moselman’s fourth goal, restoring the two-goal difference. Soon, the Hungarian team was “out of shooting range”, as Ryan Neuschul’s shot bounced off Magari’s hand.

At the start of the last eight minutes, the home team looked tired, Johnson paraded in the goal with the same number of players and a flaw, and Neuschul managed to score an easy goal in front. Five minutes before the end, the Hungarians concluded with a goal from Zsuzsanna Máté, then Magyari was in a defensive lag, Szilágyi scored, and the fans cheered the team, as hope shone again. As it turned out, during the attack of the Hungarians, the clock did not work, but after a long video, they gave the target.

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With less than three minutes to go before Gorissati’s ejection, Captain America asked for time, but his students spoiled the number. On the other hand, the home team could not take advantage of the opportunity, as Krisztina Garda’s shot was blocked before the end of the match with 1:50 minutes. Maguyari also succeeded in the next attack, and Kistely Nagy climbed the Hungarian team to one goal with a superb goal.

After a defensive error, the Americans reached five meters 49 seconds before the end, and Mosselman decided the fate of the gold medal.

The fans celebrated the Hungarian national team by standing for several minutes after the whistle.

Women’s World Championship Final Result:

1. United States
3. Holland
4. Italy
5. Spain
6. Australia
7. Greece
8. France
9. Canada
10. New Zealand
11. Kazakhstan
12. Argentina
13. Republic of South Africa
14. Brazil
15. Thailand
16. Colombia

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