The Hungarian water polo team reached the semi-finals

The host Hungarian women’s water polo team defeated the Australian team 7-6 in the quarter-finals on Tuesday evening, and the Dutch will meet in the World Aquatics Championships in the semi-finals on Thursday.

Result, women’s water polo, quarter-finals:

Hungary-Australia 7-6 (2-3, 1-0, 2-0, 2-3)

Top scorers: Keszthelyi 3, Rybanska 2, Gurisatti, Vályi 1-1, Halligan 3, Kearns, Arancini, C. Andrews 1-1


Alda Magyari – Dorottya Szilágyi, Vanda Vályi, Rita Keszthelyi, Zsuzsanna Máté, Rebecca Parkes, Gréta Gurisatti, Exchange: Edina Gangl (goalkeeper), Krisztina Garda, Geraldine Mahieu, Dóra Leimeter, Natasa Rybans

Clashes between teams equally belonging to the world’s narrow elite could have been cut by the parties on the back that the Australians won their last two matches. Speaking in favor of the representatives of the distant continent, as Federal Captain Attila Biro said: – “Brutally strong”, almost physically unbeatable, in addition to creative solutions, the army of Hungarian supporters can also help a lot. The stakes of the match spoke for themselves: the winner is in the top four, while the loser can only be in the fifth World Cup at best.

Vályi Vályi brought the ball swimming to the cheers of four thousand spectators, but the lead was won not by the third Hungarian team at Euro 2020 and last summer’s Olympic bronze medal in Tokyo, but by the Australians at past five-ring Games. Rita Kestelly equalized, and thanks to Greta Jurisati, the Hungarians already had an advantage (2-1). But the competitor (2-3) moved to the end of the first quarter.

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The second quarter was a long swim up and down, because attacks on both sides were devastating, but positions were ruled out until Kesti finally tied (3-3).

After the big break, play continued with fouls, teams were mutually inaccurate, or goalkeepers were in a good place at the right time. Tension was noticeable here and there, and he was about three minutes into the third quarter when Valle hit the ball into the bottom right corner (4-3). There was a tough fight in the water, and sometimes there was a tough duel on every ball. It was thirty-six seconds of the quarter when Rybanska Natasa scored the Hungarian fifth goal in the net from close (5-3).

In the final, the Australians took advantage of a penalty, but Rybanska, after a powerful blow, hit the upper right corner at the end of the counter-action (6-4). The competitor turned the job into a 6-5 of a human double advantage. It was seventy-five seconds back when Keszthelyi shot down the right, and his third hit resulted in a Hungarian lead 7-5, and at the same time – despite a falling Australian goal – a home win.

With his success, Hungary were in the top four and could play in the final with the Dutch national team on Thursday, while Australia was 5-8. You can continue to get a place.

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