The Hungarian University is at the forefront of the British QS world ranking

The Hungarian University is at the forefront of the British QS world ranking

The University of Szeged (SZTE) became the best university in Hungary in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world ranking, and SZTE was also excellent in the science and field lists for 2021. Based on the results published on Wednesday, Tessa Riverside University was on the podium in the British QS list in Several areas in Hungary.

The pollsters examined five majors and 51 majors, according to which 1453 higher education institutions were ranked. When compiling the lists, evaluations of the academic field and employers, as well as the two indicators that characterize citation from scientific works, were taken into account, with different weightings according to specialty: the number of citations per work and the number of times of citation. Deer pointer.

University will find In the field of life sciences and medicine 451-500. QS World University Rankings ranked by topic In its most recent edition, which held its podium last year.

Sijd University performed the strongest fields of science here, which also contributed to the fact that in the field of medicine belongs to it, the prestigious 351-400. Put the foundation graduated. In addition, this year SZTE was again included in the thematic list studying the field of agriculture and forestry in 351-400. Place. In the biological sciences 501-550. You can get a spot for yourself, which also means a place on the platform.

In addition to the above, within the broader natural sciences category, the 551-600 list obtained in the field of chemistry also includes the 551-600 acquired. With space. In addition, in the year 2021, the University of Sejd was added to the field of Physics and Astronomy for the first time as 551-600. You can get a place for yourself.

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Looking at the results, it can be said

One of the best universities in Hungary, Szeged University holds prominent positions in the QS world rankings year after year.

The institution has also been excellent in the QS World University Rankings: here 501-510. Which was the best center in Hungary.

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