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The Hungarian team is out, but we have the historic team

The Hungarian team is out, but we have the historic team

With 24-year-old Rika Dabasi winning her first World Championship goal – then second by Vanbar Gasparcs – the Hungarian women’s hockey team in their first Elite World Cup in their history: We beat the Czechs 4-2 in Group B, from Wednesday, At 3.30 am Hungarian time, the tournament will continue against the Japanese in Calgary.

Hungary lost 4-2 to the Czech Republic (Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images)


Four tenths of a second.

It’s unimaginably short on humanitarian grounds – but for the Hungarian women’s hockey team, that meant the world with a bit of an exaggeration on Sunday night in galactic time. To a large extent, as far as we know, our historic success, the number one goal of our women’s team, has been recorded in the global elite!

But let’s go well…

The difference between Czech and Hungarian hockey culture does not need to be refined, even if the women do not have as much distance between the two countries as the men. In contrast, the Czech Republic is not at the forefront of the sporting elite (currently only the Fifth Group A World Cup in Canada, with two places at best), and the difference is not very significant in the world rankings: 15 places for men, 15 places for women only five. (Plus, our daughters are also members of the global elite right now, for the first time in their history.)

From that standpoint, our second opponent in the group on Sunday was clearly anticipating a clash between the two sides as an obvious opportunity, and that appeared very soon.

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This time Zsófia Tóth started to score our goal, which has been working well from the start of the match: in the first third the shot ratio was 11: 3 known, two of those 11 Czech shots scored twice, the first rookie Teresa Radova and then the unfortunate group Rika Dabbasi entered the gate from his sledges . But life paid off soon – but let’s not run away yet…!

Hungarian’s biggest chance of the opening period came against Regina Metzler, who was born in 2005 and was just 15(!), we went in the first half.

The third goal started the same way as the first – the Czech goal came again in the fourth minute – and just a minute later, the Czech Republic took advantage of a fortress in just six seconds. Stylistically, our captain, Fanny Gasparis, could have gotten the make-up, making our first historic hit in the first set, and although he still rose to the top right corner in the middle of the third, at 39.59.56 seconds, or 0.4 tenths Before the end of the middle twenty minutes. That surefire historical hit was born! And who would have noticed other than Dabbasi: a defender who was on the wrong side of fortune not so long ago, was rescued from the Gasparics, but then, with the help of Kinga Jókai-Szilágyi, just handed the package to Réka Dabasi, who did no wrong. The celebration could have come after the “bagpipe” goal.

And if you’re a goose, get fat: Although Emma Krrish missed a penalty early in the final third, the Czechs at the end were relaxed and undisciplined (if we’re here, our board game is still unsuccessful), 38 seconds before the end We are better by four or four, Gaspareks scored his own goal after a great individual performance, so the finish is perfectly acceptable 4-2 – the Czechs didn’t even smile, despite the win…

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Elite Women’s World Championship
group b
Hungary– Czech Republic 2-4 (0–2, 1-2, 1–0)
Czech Republic: Peslarova – Cajanova, LASKOVA / Pejsova 1, Kolowratova (1) / Radova 1, Horalkova – Mlynkova, Mrazova, Pejzlova / KRIZOVA 1 (1), VANISOVA (2), Neubauerova (1) / Hymlarova, Mills, PRIBYLOVA 1 Serdar, Batkova . Captain Szövetségi: Tomás Pacina
Hungary: TÓTH ZS. – Mayer, Kiss-Simon / Knee, Odnoga / Németh B., Tóth E. / Grkovics – GASPARICS 1 (1), Kreisz, Jókai-Szilágyi K. (1) / Seregély, DABASI 1, Gowie / Szamosfalvi, Rónai, Kiss A. / Metzler, Horváth I., Pintér L. Federal Captain: Lisa Haley
behind closed gates. Fifth: Fisherick (US), Wigan (Swiss), Hanley (US), Strong (US). Gate shots: 13 – 36. Objective – Human Advantage: 4/1, sick. 8/0
Additional results
the group:
Russia, Switzerland 3-1, Group B: Japan – Denmark 1-0

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