The Hungarian singer is terrified of her nipples

The Hungarian singer is terrified of her nipples

Gábor Krausz took on the task of the totem in a way that was afraid of everything: he was afraid of fire, spiders and heights, so he did not have an easy task on TV2. Vivian Madai is afraid of snakes, Teppi Kasha is afraid of elevators, Eva Horvath is afraid of flying, and Lola is afraid of men’s nipples – among other things, they are included in our group with their phobias.

Gabor Crosses

TV2’s brand new programme, Totem, was launched on Sunday, including Gábor Krausz. The chef had already told the announcer about his phobias, and met some of them at Bakony early in the first week.

Photo: Sándor Csudai – Origo

Spatial, spider phobia, fire, water, flight, bad food, phone and information addiction, rock climbing, sand dunes. “Everything,” said Gabe Toth’s husband, who also said he sees an opportunity to learn on the show, where she will have the opportunity to learn about nature, learn teamwork, and of course push her own limits.

Maddy Vivian

Vivien Mádai recently spoke about his childhood phobia on Life TV, which he hasn’t been able to overcome even today.

Source: Gábor Markovics / Ripost

I suffer from phobias since I was young. I am very afraid of snakes. (…) I dreamed that the road was full of snakes and I could not pass them. In fact, there was a book on the bookshelf with a snake on its cover. Because of that, I couldn’t even walk in front of the treasury. “This should heal me,” said Mocha, the presenter.


The singer has a very particular phobia, and says that she can be very ill with nipples. expresses clear dissatisfaction with the male tops from which the nipples appear from the side, And because it’s so low, it’s usually at eye level.

Source: Lola – Instagram

He also revealed that he once bought from a store in which all the men for sale had a lot of shirts, and their nipples were all exposed, so he could not ask for help and would prefer to move to another store.

Eva Horvat

The former beauty queen loves to travel, and she used to do a vlog for travelers, which is why it’s hard to believe her biggest fear is flying. A bad experience created fear in him, but he actually found the solution so that he wouldn’t be afraid all the way up in the air.

Source: Éva Horváth / Instagram

I was flying home from Argentina in 2008 when I noticed that lightning was meandering next to our plane. Whirlwinds threw the plane, it was very scary. I was terrified, and that’s when my fear started,” he said earlier.

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