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The Hungarian singer admitted that he was gay in Regélé: He felt that he could no longer hide – Najm Hazai

The Hungarian singer admitted that he was gay in Regélé: He felt that he could no longer hide – Najm Hazai

Gergo Seeker In 2018, we caught up with him as part of the X-Faktor in the Boys team led by Betty Puskas, and last year he also appeared in The Vocie. The 29-year-old singer arrived today with the premiere of the music video For breakfastWhere he came out and admitted that he was gay. He said he felt he could no longer keep the secret.

Gergő Szekér is out

-I was too afraid to say things. Sorry, I don't want to spoil anyone's morning, but there are things in an artist's life that are harder to say than I thought they would be that you can't say because they conflict with a political statement. I really don't like that we take everything in this direction, and why should we talk about that – he began his testimony.

– Let's take the heat. I'm not saying that I have a partner by chance. Whoever understands understands… On the one hand, why does a singer have to talk about his private life, and on the other hand, why does politics have anything to do with her being gay? This bothers me so much! I'm sorry to say, I probably won't get a job from now on – I've had a job before, but I won't say where or when, but it's certain that I've already lost a job. I've been on the list before because they were afraid certain things would be revealed.

The singer also has a civilian career, working as a senior editor and also producing commercials.

– I don't want to impose my life on people, but I think it is important to live freely. You can live without art, but that is not life.

You can't live in fear from morning to night!

Gergő Szekér turns 30 in a year, and he feels the moment has come to know who he is. He got along well with his grandmother when he came home from Paris after a very bad relationship and told her everything about his life.

One must be honest – at least with oneself!

Cover image: RTL

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