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The Hungarian relay champion came in third

The Hungarian relay champion came in third

The Hungarian quartet reached the finals on Saturday by excluding the Dutch quartet from the jury due to a foul.
The Hungarian world leader and Olympic champion, who leads the World Cup standings on this issue, this time stood without Alexander Liu Shaolin. For a long time they “traveled” in the last fifth, but with Krueger overtaking and the Italians slipping, the Hungarian relay came third. Although there were several promising twists and turns in the sequel, the Canadian and South Korean quartet failed to outshine.

So far, the Hungarians have taken the podium in all three World Cup rounds, but have not been able to win and, overall, are back in second place, behind the Canadians who have won the last two races.

It was already decided on Friday that the Hungarian women’s 3,000-meter relay race would not reach the semi-finals. In this issue, the world-leading Dutch quartet triumphed, and Susan Scholting was awarded four gold medals in Debrecen.
In the men’s and women’s editions, the top eight teams in the final will win a share of five episodes.

men’s 5000m relay:
1. Canada 6:44,045 minutes
2- Republic of Korea 892 44: 6
3. Hungary 6:45.003
SMEs position: 1. Canada 22,621 points 2. Hungary 20,800 points

Women’s 3000m relay:
1. Holland 4: 06.698 minutes
2. Canada 4: 06.769.2
3. China 4: 06782
… 10. Hungary
vk position: 1. Netherlands 28000 points, … 10. Hungary 4781

(Featured photo: Sandor Leo Shaolin (foreground, b) in the semi-finals of the men’s 5,000m relay at Phoenix Arena for short skaters at the Phoenix Arena on November 20, 2021. Zsolt MTI/Czeglédi)

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