The Hungarian polo captain made a statement announcing that “only first place matters”.

Salt VargaThe national captain of the Hungarian men’s water polo team has selected his 16-man squad for the World Cup qualifiers in Zagreb starting on Wednesday. in the six-team tournament Daniel Zacconiand Máté Aranyi as well Vismig Zsombor With this, the department head can initiate the recruitment of three new recruits.

Photo: Carole Orfai

“I see the potential for these three players to become crucial members of the Hungarian national team in the long term” Zsolt Varga told our newspaper. “This is why it is important for them to have the opportunity to play. Of course, their final participation in the Olympics will not be decided at this moment. That will be determined by what kind of work they do in the next year and a half and how they perform when they get the chance.”

The traveling team is based on the national team that won silver at the European Championships in Split in September, where 11 of the 13-man squad from that time will still be in place. Zolte Varga said They want to win in Zagreb.

“For understandable reasons, I got a very mentally and physically exhausted goalkeeper in the national team, but as a result of training, the guys are getting better and better. They play freely. My motto everywhere is that only first place matters. I feel the same about this World Cup. This tournament. Important because the World Championship (which qualifies for the Olympics) is ahead in the summer, and this tournament will reveal the players I can count on for next year’s tournament. at the Paris Olympics. “

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Krisztian Manhercz Also in the squad, Genesys OSC player Újbuda revealed the players are already focused on the Paris Olympics.

“The World Cup in Zagreb will be a good test, because a strong field has gathered. I think everyone is already interested in the Paris Olympics. We are not saying that the goal is clearly gold in the five ring matches, but of course we want to achieve the best possible result.”

One of the best players in the national team, Dennis Varga It was not included in the tournament in Zagreb. the Hungarian Federation According to his information, the Olympic champion category is scheduled to return to the national team for the summer season.

We start against the French

At the World Cup, the Hungarians will play France, Italy, Japan, the United States and hosts Croatia, in order, from Wednesday. Since Los Angeles will host the Series Finals, the Americans automatically advance, and the two best teams in the Finals can appear alongside them.

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