Cziffra György

The Hungarian House of Music is also joining the chivra memorial year

The pianist is inseparable from ancient Budapest – and perhaps even today. They are the people for whom the place is homely, who make intimate private conversations comfortable and enhance social enjoyment. They speak to you, they speak to us in the language of music. On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the famous Hungarian pianist György Ševra, we will remember them on March 12th at the recently opened Hungarian House of Music.

The joint concerts of the Hungarian House of Music and the Gyorgy Chevra Memorial Year evoke the personality of the greatest Hungarian pianist of all time. 8 p.m. Liget-Bar, 2022 Pianist Janos Palaz, Artistic Director of the Giorgi Chevra Memorial Year Program with Andras Bhatta While singing, singer Nicolette Szuki evokes ages and songs with the help of four excellent pianists – Ivan Pikac, Giola Nyari, Ferenc Rego and Laszlo Lakatos.

However, the event will not only be a nostalgic lament for the fading world of cafés and former chimney sweeps of Pest, but also a showcase of everything out of date from the bar’s piano art.

Throughout his life, Giorgi Chivra paid great attention to supporting youth, and perhaps the difficulties of his youth encouraged him to take on this commitment. Young talented pianists Piano Flowers will give short concerts and put a fantasy flower on the György Cziffra piano on March 12th at 1:30pm.

The Chevra Giorgi Memorial Year is supported by the Office of the Prime Minister and Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt. Featured Sponsor: MVM.

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