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The Hungarian girl darts wrote the history of the sport

The Hungarian girl darts wrote the history of the sport

A moment in the history of the sport, where so far two Magyars have managed to compete in the World Championships. He fought Nandor Besig in the 2009 PDC World Championship and also reached the legendary Alexander Palace in London.

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And now Veronica Ihas, who took first place in the Eastern European roster thanks to her ranking results, will be able to stay there in Lakeside, which was known at home from 1986 to 2019 as BDO (British Darts Organization) under the auspices of the World Archery Federation (WDF).

Veronika Ihász has dominated the Hungarian realm for more than a decade. In addition to his numerous Hungarian championship titles, he has already had more than twenty international successes. But it wasn’t bigger than that. Not just for him, nor for any Hungarian player.

I didn’t really realize what had happened. I just run after the events, but of course I’m very happy for him.” Veronica told Ihs Blake. He added that while he knew where he was in the first Eastern European qualifiers, he didn’t count his points, going on Saturday from the WDF Leaderboard in Budapest two weeks ago to that: “I was cranky about how many points I needed to get. Then I thought this race went to the end. I traveled to show you the best possible match, and then there will be what will be in the championship.”

“I don’t want to talk about the World Cup until I get a good result Need to pull luck. I have already met most of my opponents in other European competitions. But the important thing is to prepare for what I will start on the 5th of December. Then I will know the lotteryI know who the opponent will be, then I can prepare for the people.”

Many talented girls compete in the tournament system today, and Veronica Ihas remains an example of them, having been competing in the men’s national championship for years. The example of Fallon Chirock also shows that there are no impossible things in this sport.

“I don’t know how motivating this is to young people, but I think a lot of people have probably seen it Nothing is impossible, everything can be done, it can be achieved. The association will help me in every way, and I hope my company will also give me a small discount on working time. My mom said she would face the baby while I was racing outside.”

Veronica Ihas was highlighted in 12th place The decisive Czech Open has begun. In addition to three Czech and Norwegian girls, he defeated fellow talented Tamara Kovacs of Szolnok, by He only lost his legs until the semi-finals. Then came the great personality in the sport, Jamaican-born Dita Hedman, 62, who defeated the best Hungarian. But third place was too much for the World Cup.

“My next big dream is that I will do very well in the World Cup and I will not disappoint the coat of arms. There will be what will be. I dare not set specific goals, and I still have to process how to get out.”

The first truly serious organization in the sport was destroyed by the leadership of Des Jacqueline in recent years, to the point that the World Cup also came out of Lakeside and then the organization itself was practically plowed. WDF rushed to his aid, who eventually added his name to the series and put the cradle of the sport on its feet.

Fair enough. As a result, it was possible to qualify for the World Cup by region. from Eastern Europe for the first time this year. Veronica Ihas won this points contest, right after the PDC World Cup, We will be able to press in early January.

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