The Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix will be held in front of the spectators

The Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix will be held in front of the spectators

Victor Urban The Prime Minister gave an interview to Radio Kossuth on Friday morning, in which he said that services could open from next week once 4 million people are vaccinated. The government expects this by the middle of next week.

One hundred days before the 36th Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix kicks off, Hungaroring Sport Zrt has announced that it plans to hold this year’s race weekend in front of spectators.

Ticket sales are continuing and we are confident that the situation due to the pandemic will improve by August, so that we can greet the drivers at the stadium, similar to the European Football Championship matches in Budapest. Everyone is encouraged to sign up for a shot and get vaccinated so they don’t miss this year’s F1 festival in Hungaroringen.

– read Zolt Giulia Statement of the Chairman and CEO.

The entry also states that if a race organized in front of spectators fails, tickets purchased by Hungaroring Sport Zrt will be compensated. The 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix will be held between July 30 and August 1.

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