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The Hungarian Competition Authority has also started using TikTok

The Hungarian Competition Authority has also started using TikTok

GVH has launched an investigation against the operator of the social media site for sharing the video for incomplete and overdue information about the users.

The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) announced Thursday that it has launched an investigation into a China-owned service provider registered in the United States, which also has a large user base in Hungary, including children. GVH makes it likely that the company will not inform its users in good faith and with the required professional care about the operation of the online platform, such as the scope of the data that is processed during the use and use of the service.

According to GVH, the fact that TikTok did not provide target consumers through its commercial communications in the Hungarian language in Hungary the most important conditions for the operation of the platform and the use of services also raises suspicions of a violation. According to the Competition Authority, it is also doubtful whether TikTok will properly mitigate children’s and minors’ exposure to social network advertising for video sharing.

As the communication indicates, the commencement of antitrust proceedings does not mean that the undertaking has committed a breach, since the antitrust measures are intended to prove the alleged violation. The GVH has three months to do so, which the Authority may, in justified cases, extend twice, for a maximum period of two months.


Of course, the Chinese company ByteDance, which runs TikTok, also has big problems with the Hungarian Competition Authority investigation, as its political and legal withdrawal to block or partially sell TikTok in the US is in full swing. barrier Donald Trump In principle, he had already referred to the cooperation plan set by ByteDance and Orcale, and the specific contract still needed discussion between the parties on the important issues, and the agreement had to be approved by the Chinese government.

In late September, a US court had already suspended a regulation banning TikTok app downloads, which would have draining the Chinese provider’s downloads from Apple and Google’s app stores. Although the US government challenged the decision in an appeals court yesterday, Reuters’ latest group shows that not only has the community app’s popularity been interrupted in the United States, but the popularity of advertisers is also increasing.

According to the news agency, the reason for this is the much-mentioned MI-based TikTok recommendations system, which gives the essence of the app which the Chinese don’t want to launch from their hands accordingly. Procter & Gamble, Danone, Samsung and other major advertisers say the report is more effective than Facebook or Instagram as every video becomes a viral campaign on the TikTok platform and the fallout from the pandemic has drawn more users to the community app.

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