The Hungarian and Romanian hockey teams sang the Zikler anthem again, and the Romanian far right angered

The Hungarian and Romanian hockey teams sang the Zikler anthem again, and the Romanian far right angered

Dan Tanasu, known as an anti-Hungarian, also went to the Minister of Brown Dance, as the Hungarian politician appeared in Romania with a Hungarian trio.

Dan Tanasu, a representative of the far-right Association of Romanian Unity (AUR), was outraged after Environment Minister, Brown Danes, and former president of the Romanian Hockey Association at the Hungarian Hockey Championship in Slovenia on Sunday. . mentioned About Transtelex.

Tanasi, in a photo post on Facebook, pointed out to Dancer that since he was a Roman minister and thus receives his salary from the Roman state, his gesture was unacceptable and insulting to the Roman nation (the politician seemed to mildly admit that the dancer happened to be a Hungarian-editor). He attributed the fact that this could happen to the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the National Liberal Party (PNL), which entered into a coalition with the “Slaves of Hungary”, the Hungarian Democratic Federation of Romania (DAHR).

The mood in Romania was further disturbed by the fact that after the match, the Hungarian hockey team and Romania – with the exception of three players from the latter team – sang the Zickler anthem together. This is not the first time this has happened, as the Romanian hockey team is known – Notes Main Arena – It consists of a large number of athletes from Szeklerland, such as Csíki and Gheorgheni. Romanian sports newspaper, which described the case as scandalous, also gave a brief explanation laced On what happened he said: “The so-called Ziklerland is a region comprising Covasna, the county of Hargia and part of the county of Mures, whose Hungarian residents want autonomy.”

Dancer also responded to the press on Facebook about the event, confirming that he was present at the match, with the secret aim of cheering on the spot hockey players from Miercurea Ciuc, Gheorgheni and Brasov, who, he said, did everything they could to stay in Division 1A of Division.

By the way, Hungary won the match 4-2.

Update: After our article was published, MTI wrote that Alexandru Holuko, the current president of the Romanian Hockey Association, “urgently” invited the organization’s executive board to examine the record indicating that members of the Romanian national team along with the Hungarian national team and the Hungarian fans sang Zickler’s anthem after the match between the two teams. Romania’s Minister of Transport, Søren Grindano, who is also a former Romanian Prime Minister of the Social Democratic Party, described it as “shameful” for Hungarian players to sing the “Siekler anthem” in the Romanian shirt because it was a sign of disrespect for Romania and Romanians. That is why the trade union and the Hungarian Minister of Sports, Eduard Novak, demanded that the players who defended their origin and identity be punished.

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