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The Hungarian actor has been a star for 17 years: since the end of the series, he has been supporting his family with civil work - Hazai Stár

The Hungarian actor has been a star for 17 years: since the end of the series, he has been supporting his family with civil work – Hazai Stár

The Through thick and thin The series ran from 2005 until April 2022, during which time the characters became close to the hearts of many viewers. Rich Tibor He has played the role of Doctor Bongrach since the beginning of the series.

Since the end of filming, in addition to his original occupation, he has also been doing civil work to ensure good living conditions for his family, including his autistic son, which requires a lot of attention.

Tibor Rich’s work

After Jóban Rosszban, he still plays in Budapest, at Vidám Színpad and at József Attila Theatre. However, in addition to acting, he is forced to do other work and leads a double life. In Veszprém, he helps with the electric company that he and his brothers founded together.

Photo: TV2 / Jóben Rozsban

The 58-year-old family man is not bothered by the fact that he does other work besides acting, as this allows him to try a new side of himself.

– We founded the company thirty years ago, but I only had time to work in it since the end of the series. My duties include, among other things, examining work procedures, work safety systems and equipment, as well as maintaining liaison and management with various partners and bodies. I don’t have enough theater related inquiries to make a living off of it, but that’s okay, because I also really enjoy my other work. I benefit from it a lot. A. said. I recommend others to dare to try new things to blink.

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He did not hide it, since the end of Good Bad, the directors did not chase after him. Although he loved filming the series and didn’t regret being in it, Dr. Bongrach was also a chestnut for him.

– I must admit that the directors have not been in a hurry since Good and Evil, the series decided my fate, I regret it, but I was already aware of this when I applied for the role of Doc Pongrácz. I dealt with it anyway, because I didn’t really have any other options.

However, in Hungary, being the main face of a daily – and such long – series – it is a cemetery.

His 21-year-old daughter Flora lives in Pest, and his 19-year-old son Andres, who has autism, has already finished school, but is unable to work independently, so he and his wife move with him between Veszprem and the capital.

– The biggest difficulty was finding a suitable school for him. Eventually, he enrolled in a private institution, and he still has online sessions with special education teachers to this day. Of course, we did not get any help with this, we had to finance everything ourselves, which is a very large amount.

Isabella Varga after friends

Isabella Varga became known as Nora Balogh in Friends. The series ended on July 17, 2021, after 23 years. It was difficult for him to stop filming every day, so the end of the success streak was the beginning of something new. He also tried himself as a coach and constantly planned for his future: he wanted freedom and to be able to really find himself after the series.

Cover photo: TV2 / Jóben Rosszban

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