The Huawei P60 will not only be able to photograph the moon, but also the sun

Huawei P60 mobile phones will be introduced soon, and they will try to stand out from the competition mainly with their cameras. All-new sensors, proprietary optics and advanced software solutions will all work together to capture special images even when conditions aren’t quite ideal. A manager of the manufacturer has already shared several photos taken with the new phones, the latest of which shows a beautiful sunset.

The image below was shared on Chinese social media by Richard Yu, Head of Consumer Business at Huawei.

The photo was taken in Shenzhen with one of the new P60 mobile phones, and it cannot be denied that it was very good. The outline of the sun can be clearly seen, the orange sky is dotted around it, and a lot of detail can be seen from the building, despite it being dark.

The phones come with a new, large 50MP primary sensor, complemented by a variable aperture lens, so the aperture value can dynamically change between f/1.4 and f/4.0. This helps the camera perform well in a variety of lighting conditions.

This is an official photo!

Of course, not only the main unit, but also the periscope telephoto camera will be successful, it uses a RYYB sensor, and it will be possible to take such pictures with it, among other things:

Huawei P60 mobile phones will be shown on March 23, and the phones will be launched in China first, but of course they will also appear in Europe later.


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