The host started unfavorably successfully in

The host started unfavorably successfully in

In Yaounde, on Sunday evening, the host nation’s victory over Burkina Faso in Cameroon heralded the start of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations postponed from last year.

Abu Bakr doubles for the third time in the national team (Photo: AFP)

This derby has been the subject of discussion at Steeve Yago all week and you can see the fans of both teams flocking to the field.

Burkina Faso, which had had to defend until then, went ahead in the middle of the half: after big fireworks after a corner kick, several turns and goal posts. Gustavo Sangari He scored the first goal in the tournament.

But Cameroon were already in the lead during the break, after Algerian referee Mustapha Ghorbal sent a penalty kick to the hosts after the 40th minute, and the Cameroon captain, Vincent Abubakar Turn them both into a target. He thus became the first to sell two penalties in an ANK match, at least since Nigeria’s Victor Musa did the same against Ethiopia in the 2013 tournament.

Then in the second half, Abu Bakr almost scored his third goal, but the Algerian referee withdrew it after a video clip. For the remaining half-hour, the Unruly Lions kept the action on the pitch in their control, so 2013 finalist Burkina Faso failed to equalize, and started the tournament with a victory for Cameroon.

Africa Cup, Cameroon
round 1
the group
Cameroon – Burkina Faso 2-1
(Abu Bakr 40, 45 + 2 – both from 11 and Sinjar 25)
Ethiopia – Cape Verde 0-1

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