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The Hon-Ian Lindsay, former British Ambassador, recited a poem for Hungarian Poetry Day.

The Hon-Ian Lindsay, former British Ambassador, recited a poem for Hungarian Poetry Day.

Former British Ambassador Ian Lindsay takes every opportunity to show how much he enjoyed his few years as UK Ambassador to Hungary. Debrecen also had a place in the heart of the diplomat, because in 2020, before his flight home, he said goodbye to Sevis. However, this does not mean that he has permanently turned his back on the Hungarian country or culture, since on April 11, Hungarian Poetry Day, he posted a touching video on his social page.

As he wrote in the text attached to the video, he recorded the recitation on the occasion of this important day. In the morning, he recited his favorite poem, Gyula Juhasz Melene Volt, to his followers, and promised to recite a few lines from another famous poem in the afternoon.

As he explained to our portal in a previous interview, he owes his love of Hungarian poetry and his favorite cake to Debrecen, he also made many friends in the city and even learned Hungarian here.

Then highlight:

If you come here as a foreigner, you might think Hungarians are here: they eat goulash, love paprika, wear big mustaches, love horses and are good at water polo. However, by knowing language, we can delve deeper into their identity, and a richer and more exciting world can be revealed to us.

Earlier, in another interview, he said that Hungarians have a unique language and history, so it is very important to learn the culture to understand what Hungarian virtue is. This is why fiction and poetry are at his fingertips, enabling him to further enrich his vocabulary.

Fortunately, his love of reading poetry has survived to this day, so we can hope that he will continue to delight Hungarians with videos like this in the future.

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