The Holy Father can formulate an important message about Hungary

We expect scientific and cultural life KPope Francis comes to meet him with his supporters with the clear intention of conveying an important message to us – KOur magazine KTo Nándor Birher, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPKE BTK)Kánja regarding the reception of the Holy Father on the afternoon of April 30 at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electronics of the Institution.

Nándor Birher said the choice of site is exciting because it is about the latest piece of science.

at the entrance to the institution KSeven hundred students will be waiting for Pope Francis, it was possible to apply for this opportunity in advance. All this is also important because this program is closed KIt will be a fun event indoors Among the students He will get fortyK Then the Holy Father, they are helpers at the same timeK will be too So that outstanding people in scientific and cultural life feel at home in our university

D. highlightedKno. Pope Francis Father Geza Komintz a Pazmani University Peter chatolic University’s president KThe student’s transcripts and certificate will be welcomed Kthongs. The Holy Father will address the assembled people after a short musical performance of several minutes, followed by the meeting KIt ends with a joint prayer. – This event is very important for our university, the organizers have included the program at the request of the Vatican in the program of the Holy Father, for whom it is important to visit the leading Catholic higher education institute, says Nandor Berhir.

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PPKE BTK déKAnja explained: Eszterházy is in on the action Representatives of Karolyi Catholic University, Gal Ferenc University and Apoor Filmos Catholic College will also attend.

– The Pope really relies on Catholic higher education. Moreover, our university turns 30 this year, and in the past three decades we have gained very important experience in the relationship between the Hungarian Church and the Vatican, primarily from a historical perspective. He pointed out that the institution’s relations with the East are also strong, just think about the Armenian and Syrian relationsKno.

Nandor Birher explained: Pope Francis is in constant contact with science and culture Kwith resume. It was mentioned by the Holy Father a year ago Held by the District of Rome Deans and directors of universities.

He also drew their attention to the importance of the role of youth and the transfer of knowledge at a time when many challenges must be faced. in this time Ethical issues related to artificial intelligence should be highlighted Kinterests, our university also conducts important research in this area


Cover photo: Pope Francis is happy to be back in Hungary (Photo: Arpad Korocz)

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