The hockey player put on his five-ring glasses

Just two years ago, the International Olympic Committee announced that it had awarded the city of Brisbane the right to host the 2032 Olympic Games. Australia will host the Summer Games for the third time: in 1956 in Melbourne and in 2000 in Sydney. The application of the Great City of the Fifth Continent was convinced by the International Olympic Committee, which it supported from the very beginning. Both the state government and the Queensland federal state fully supported the candidacy and it was important that much of the sporting facilities on site were already ready, since the 2018 Commonwealth Games were held there.

They are building the subway

Our information is confirmed by Patrick Popovich, a former striker and youth coach of the DVTK Polar Bears hockey team, who lives, works and plays in the city of Brisbane.

“Of course, I take care of the preparations for the Olympics,” said our correspondent from afar, then added: “At the moment all I see is that they are building the subway with steam power, and also the motorway which will connect Brisbane to the Gold Coast which is about fifty kilometers from his city. The latter is in the southeast corner of Queensland, on the coast of the Coral Sea, and is the sixth largest settlement in the huge country.Recently, I also noticed that they started renovating a playground in Brisbane.That’s all I know for now, but let’s not forget that event The big one is still nine years away, so there is no rush, they will get there.In the future, I will keep my eyes open, and from time to time I will report to the readers on how the work is going, where and what has been launched or announced.

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Good to know

“At present, only cities in the world can win the right to host the Olympics, so Brisbane has been given a lot of recognition,” said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. “The role of the host is also a big step forward for our country: our goal is to stage matches that lead to economic growth and social benefits.”

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