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The hilltop near Pécs would be a great place – if people wanted

Az egykori Misina étterem épülete a pécsi tévétorony mellett 2016. november 7-én. Mintegy félmilliárd forintos fejlesztéssel megújul a Misina-tetőn található tévétorony és környéke. A tervek szerint az európai uniós forrásból 2018 februárjáig a tévétorony korszerű, LED-es megvilágítást kap, kilátószintje megújul, az építmény közelében információs központot, éttermet, jégpályát, minigolfpályát, játszóteret és parkolókat alakítanak ki, valamint utat, buszmegállót újítanak fel.

The Max was once asked what locals thought of the developments at the top of Messina Hill, 535 meters north of Central Beach, as recalled in the announcement. In August last year, an open exchange of ideas was announced among the residents of Pécs in order to create an investment that not only consistently attracts visitors, but is also economically sustainable and suited to the host environment. The communication indicated that based on the five best idea plans at that time, the municipality prepared three concept plans that meet the requirements of the application in terms of form and content, as well as the needs expressed by the applicants.

Accordingly, in the public vote that began Tuesday and lasted a month, the people of Pécs can decide whether to build a movement and hiking center, a family-centered community space, or a modern exhibition center offering Mexico’s natural resources.

Based on the announcement, more information about the three concept plans can be found atózas website, and also on this interface, locals can decide which direction to support next month in the framework of online voting. After the vote, the design and implementation of the concept plan that received the most votes will begin – expected in the spring of 2022; Building could take a year, they write.

According to Pécsi Városfejlesztési Zrt. , Which coordinates developments, the investment made during the previous city administration – at the end of 2016 – can be implemented through a budget of about 380 million HUF from the Regional Operational Program and Settlement Development (higher) with a support intensity of 100%.

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Opening image: MTI / Tamás Sóki

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