The head of Russian intelligence has testified about the world's largest cyberattack so far

The head of Russian intelligence has testified about the world’s largest cyberattack so far

The United States and Britain accuse the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SZVR), the successor to the KGB, of the attack, which was carried out through a weak software component in SolarWinds. The cyber attack affected nine US federal agencies and hundreds of private companies.

These claims seem to be taken from a bad detective novel

Sergei Nariskin, director of SZVR, who is also a close ally of Vladimir Putin, said.

When asked if SZVR was behind the attack known as SolarWinds, accompanied by a smile, Nariskin replied that it would be very nice for SZVR to be responsible for such a sophisticated attack, but added that only SZVR, i.e. SZVR can comment on the results achieved.

Nariskin also said that although he does not claim the United States was behind the attack, documents leaked by Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee who currently lives in Russia, indicate that SolarWinds’ methods used are similar. very. American and British intelligence tactics.

Nariskin also denied accusations made by Western countries about poisoning cases in recent years and interference in the US elections.

The significance of SolarWinds’ work in December of last year is well illustrated by the fact that Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith, said it was the most comprehensive and complex cyber attack in the world to date.

Cover photo source: Bronte Wittpenn / Bloomberg via Getty Images

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