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The government is focusing on boosting the economy in the southern parts of the country

The government is focusing on boosting the economy in the southern parts of the country

Photo: Tibor Navrassics, Facebook

The government considers it its duty to provide all assistance to promote economic development in Southern Transdanubia through a complex plan and subsequent actions, Tibor Navrašics stated at the press conference following the professional consultation held at the Baranja Provincial Government Office.

The Prime Minister stated that the Cabinet is moving towards the region because after the northwestern and central regions of the country, the development of the northeastern region has also begun. He said that thanks to government measures, Miskolc, Debrecen and Nyiregyhaza became industrial centers that were able not only to connect to the circulation of the economy, but also to thrive, relying on the rapidly modernizing transport infrastructure.

He pointed out: The southern part of the country still needs to catch up, so the government is focusing its attention on the Great Southern Plain and Southern Transdanubia, and the latter can count on “private and special” assistance at the regional and economic level. development.

He pointed out that the clear loser over the past 34 years was the southern Transdanubian region, which before the regime change was one of the important sub-centers of the national economy at that time, and was primarily dependent on the economic and regional organizational strength of Pécs, but in the past three decades, as a result of operations Adverse demographic and economic restructuring, the city of Mexicalia lost its former regional organizational strength.

He declared that the government's mission is to “provide all assistance” in the measures taken in accordance with the plan agreed with local actors so that the region can “once again return to the forefront of Hungarian catch-up and economic development in Hungary.” .

He said: The construction of the last section of the M6 ​​highway leading to the national border will soon be completed, which will increase the tourist power of Villány and Harkány, and the expropriation process is at the end of preparations for the construction of the Danube Bridge in Mohács and a port for general traffic in the settlement will also be established.

Speaking about the Mohács 500 program related to the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Mohács scheduled for 2026, which also serves regional development goals, he highlighted: The goal is for Mohács to become the logistical center of southern Hungary, and perhaps one of southeastern Europe.

The politician said: According to the plans, investments in Baranja could open the region to Serbia and Croatia, and the developments could make it “a gateway to the Balkans, and an important economic center.”

Regarding the future, he said: The government also has plans for the airport near Pécs to play a more prominent role in the region's economy, and the establishment of the so-called “Pannonian Industrial Park” in the city district is also in preparation. He added that the goal of the investment center is to enhance the narrower and broader area.

With Croatia joining the Schengen Area, new border crossings may be opened in Baranja in the future, and with developments, Pécs is expected to expand its economic influence to the regions south of it. In the future, there is also a chance that Baranja, Slavonia will grow into an economic region again – he expressed his hope.

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The government's goal is therefore to “give a kick-start” to the process of catch-up and economic growth that will ensure the ever-increasing well-being of people already living in the region in the medium term, as summed up by Tibor Navracsics.

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