The goods are rotting – unimaginable chaos has broken out on the British side of the Channel

The England-Europe Highway ferry to Dover Harbor is slowly reminiscent of no longer a road, but rather a three- or four-lane railway. On the highway, trucks crashed into each other, and early in the weekend, drivers were 25 hours late due to traffic jams. As a result, food delivered in trucks and exported to the European Union began to deteriorate.

The reason is increased traffic ahead of the Easter holiday, bad weather and suspended roads for the financially troubled P&O ferry company.

(The company memorably and completely unexpectedly laid off hundreds of workers in March with a Zoom phone call that sparked a political scandal in Britain.)

Due to the massive congestion that has just arisen, food export companies are starting to push hard to make trucks transporting their products a priority to get to and from the port.

“If we load a load of lamb on Monday, the goods are expected to be delivered to Germany by Tuesday,” Graham Iardley, president of the company named after him, told the BBC. He added that due to the delay, the value of our products is dropping from hour to hour.

The situation is further complicated by the ruling that governs the work of drivers on the French side, i.e.

When they move to Calais, they have to take an 11 hour break because sitting in a traffic jam doesn’t matter.

According to the British Meat Manufacturers Association, some of its members’ trucks get lost for 24 hours, spoiling meat and other goods.

Suppliers have calculated that they will lose up to 360,000 Ft per truck due to bribery.

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As a result, the British began referring to each other. “Transportation procedures are being reviewed regularly, but the situation is due to unacceptable steps by P&O, i.e. 800 workers were laid off without any warning,” the DOT said.

The company says it will renew contact with the French coast next week if it gets regulatory approval.

In the meantime, civilian travelers are advised

If you want to cross the sea to the French side, bring enough food,

Because they have to prepare for a long wait.

Opening photo: MTI/AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth

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