The Good, the Bad and the Haas - the American stable has replaced her pilot

The Good, the Bad and the Haas – the American stable has replaced her pilot

Almost triple the financial recognition of the Olympic championship title compared to the Paralympic Games after a government decree was amended last week.

On December 8, a government decree was published in the Hungarian newspaper regarding the reward for the first eight athletes and performance teams in the Olympics and Paralympics. In the case of the Olympics, the sums increased dramatically compared to those for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and there was no change in the Paralympics. This means that while the Olympic champion receives 50 million Ft next summer instead of the previous 35 million Ft, the Paralympic gold medal prize will be 17.5 million Ft, as in 2016. The latter amount was still 23 million HUF in the London Olympics. 2012. Our paper was asking what paragliding should say about this decision? Those involved dared to take their opinions only by withholding their names, which unfortunately is not at all surprising given the current conditions in Hungary. Not everyone was bitter about the government’s decision.
“I already have a Paralympic coin, so I get an annual salary, the amount is the same as the Olympic podium winners, so I have a financial guarantee in the future, so I don’t care how much I’ll get for another great result after Tokyo.”

One athlete said.

Not everyone understood this, there were those who said that they feel cheated, and they train the same thing in their sport every day as the Olympians, yet they are not aware of the results achieved equally, which carries a very bad message.

In it, all the commented mathematicians (there were some who did not dare accept the statement without revealing their identity, although they expressed it vigorously after promising that what they were saying would not show in any way) that they lack information from the Hungarians. Paralympic Committee (MPB). According to the official message, the amount of prizes was agreed between the Olympic Committee of Hungary, MPB and the state secretariat of Emmi Sports, but the athletes were informed of the changes from the press. László Sabo, head of the MPB, was blamed for not informing them.

“Mr. President also leads the Hungarian Chess Federation, among other things, he has dealt a lot with the Chess Olympiad in Budapest in recent weeks, so we have no time left. It is very bad that it was decided without us.” Our paper also contacted the chairman of the MPB Board of Directors on a daily basis. Tuesday and Wednesday, which is usually available, and this time he did not pick up his phone one day to answer the opinions of the athletes. The day after the government decree was issued, he told us that the full text must be studied prior to the evaluation, which not only addresses the Olympic awards and the Paralympics, but also includes material recognition of outstanding achievements in the World Games and the World and European Championships. . At the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, the Hungarians won nine silver and bronze medals in addition to one gold. According to optimistic forecasts, up to three or four gold medals could be collected in Tokyo next summer, if the winners were awarded the same prizes as the Olympians (the first eight winners will receive a cash prize), this means up to 200 one-time extra expenses. One million HUF. This amount does not heat up the eternal winners of the NER, the previous administration of the Hungarian Tennis Federation could not calculate the spending of 17 and a half times of public money (3.5 billion HUF), the government filled the deficit, the perpetrators did not do it to justice.

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Installments Matching

Athletes who win medals in the Olympics and Paralympics receive a monthly stipend after the age of 35, and there is no distinction between them here. Gold medal winners are referred to the average monthly gross income set by the Central Bureau of Statistics, which is currently 375,200 HUF, silver medals take 60 percent of that amount, and bronze medals 40 percent. For athletes with multiple finishes on the podium, the premiums increase in proportion to the number of medals.

There was equality in Athens and Beijing

The Gyurcsány government decided before the 2004 Athens Summer Games not to differentiate between the Olympic Place Awards and the Paralympic Games. Four years later, in Beijing, the Olympians and Paralympics received the same amount of rewards. Prior to the 2012 London Olympics, the Orban government cut the Paralympic awards with a promise to receive teams in the form of funding for professional parachute sports programs and workshop grants. However, this promise was not fulfilled because, due to the difficult economic situation in the country, a large part of the difference remained in the state coffers.

Prizes for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games

First place 50 million HUF 2: 35.7 million 3: 28.5 million 4: 21.5 million 5: 14.3 million 6: 11.4 million 7: 5.7 million 8: 2.8 million

First place: 17.5 million HUF 2: 12.5 million 3: 10 million 4: 7.5 million 5: 5 million 6: 4 million 7: 2 million 8: 1 million

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