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The godfather of artificial intelligence is linked to Elon Musk

The godfather of artificial intelligence is linked to Elon Musk

Yann LeCun, also known as the Godfather of Artificial Intelligence, engaged and then retaliated violently against Elon Musk, Writes the future. Musk has been touting his AI startup on .

“Join xAI if you can stand with a boss:

  • Claims that whatever you're working on will be resolved next year (just no pressure).
  • He claims that what you are working on is killing everyone and should be stopped or discontinued (hello, 6 months off!).
  • She claims to strive for the “hardest truth” but spreads crazy conspiracy theories on her social media platform.

Musk's xAI startup recently raised $6 billion in another round of funding.

Of course, Musk did not take LeCun's statement kindly, but reacted and asked the scientist what kind of scientific work he had done in the past five years. Lacon then told him that he had published 80 studies since 2022.

LeCun also wrote that he likes Musk's cars, rockets, solar panels and satellite network, referring to other Musk projects like SpaceX and Tesla. “I really don't like Avenger politics and conspiracy theories and the hype around it.”

Musk asked LeCun about his contributions to applied science, with LeCun defending the importance of basic research, citing his pioneering work in convolutional neural networks (ConvNets), which underpin many modern technologies, including those used in Tesla's driver assistance systems.

The conversation is therefore philosophical He took a turn On the nature of science and publishing. For research to be considered science, LeCun said, it must be valid, reproducible, sufficiently detailed, peer-reviewed and available to the community. Musk described these standards as very stringent.

Incidentally, last week Musk made another perhaps unsubstantiated claim about AI: he said that artificial general intelligence (AGI) will become a reality in less than a year, though the consensus of actual experts puts it much further away. Then the Tesla leader repeatedly warned that AI will destroy us, of course without affecting his AI startup.

However, there is no doubt that Musk has recently become known for conspiracy theories and “anti-woke” propaganda: he has spoken to a previously banned far-right commentator, taken a commuter train, distributed fake news, and given space to anti-Semitism. It corrects statements that are not at all true or half true, many of which we have also fact-checked (talk about contraception here, ventilators here).

By the way, the debate between Musk and Lecon Not newMusk has previously said, for example, that AI will be smarter than humanity within five years, but will surpass human capabilities by next year, something that also didn't please Meta's AI chief. If that were the case, LeCun wrote on You) We have millions of hours of training data.

LeCun regularly warns that artificial intelligence is not as advanced as we think. According to the scientist, artificial intelligence models have the same computing power as the brain of a domestic cat, but not at the same level of intelligence. For him, it's not just about enhancing existing technology, he believes there's a secret ingredient missing that's holding machine learning and language models back.

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