The goal of Hungarian hockey is to race for the championship and a new small Mexican team that rarely wins matches until now

Starting Friday in the US, The fourth final in the NAHL, only four of the 29 teams that started left left. Including the New Mexico ice wolveswhich was formed three years ago, so it can’t look at the past really seriously.

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This is why so many people have caught their attention Ice Wolves entered the playoffs. And very few expected that the team led by the Hungarian goalkeeper would successfully take both rounds of the qualifiers. This is what happened.

They have played ten matches against Halászék – including three extra times over 5 hours – first against the most offensive team in the league and then the best defensive team. The two competitors who have stepped onto the ice this season have also been the best goalkeeper, centre-back, striker and best general manager. These guys are on vacation today. Then the commendable goal performance: Snow Wolves scored more than one goal only once.

who came to

Who came to the “American Dream”: the first Hungarian goalkeeper in the NHL?

The team, which, judging by his hockey skills, could not advance from his group of eight, defeated these two great opponents. With strength, will, never give up. And with Halas at the helm, who has defended all ten matchesso he spent most minutes out of more than a thousand players on the ice throughout the playoffs and throughout the season.

The Hungarian goalkeeper has surpassed his impressive performance in the regular season with more unforgettable indicators: He got opponents’ shots with an efficiency of 93.6%, averaged 1.9 goals per game and did not score twice. This was the ninth game of the season, and no one else could do so much in the league!

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The performance could be improved further, as the team managed to return from 0-2 in the group final, so that opponents hockey players could not get past Halász twice. Last year’s NAHL champion was disqualified in the first leg. Fischer has defended 55 games so far this season. The finals, which begins on Friday, will reveal the number of matches remaining. The Hungarian goalkeeper’s dream against the New Jersey Titans could continue at dawn on Saturday, Hungarian time. The final takes place next Wednesday, again just at dawn in the series dubbed the Robertson Cup.

“The current league is also close to world standards, and With consistently good performance, tremendous opportunities can open up for me as well. Super Levante is a good example, as I see it A Hungarian goalkeeper has already done in front of me what my lucid dream is, so it’s up to me what I get from this adventure. I want to cross as many barriers as possible and give hope to other Hungarian goalkeepers who want to succeed abroad.” The 19-year-old goalkeeper told our newspaper earlier.

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