“The girls needed new motivation to calm down

MTK Budapest’s top women’s handball team has had a period of success, putting in impressive performances in the tournament since the arrival of Attila Vajo. In the past two months, the form of the Budapest team, which had been avoiding relegation for a long time, has improved significantly, and we talked about this with the coach.

Attila Fago (Photo: MTK Budapest)

Two months ago, Attila Fago Fago took over MTK Budapest, and the then-relegated team is flying compared to the start of the season: it scored eight points in eight matches, rising to eighth place in the standings. , losing only to the top three teams in the tournament.

MTK results with Attila Fago

“I was hoping we could advance, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that against Debrecen and Freddy we would be seconds away from a draw or even a win.” MTK Head Coach Attila Vajo started the conversation. – We did well in other matches too, scored great points, and quickly found common ground with the girls. The atmosphere in the dressing room is very good, but now we have to stay humble and keep working, because the championship is still long.”

You can’t create a miracle right away, but a couple of days later the specialist came close to achieving this feat with his team – they lost to Debrecen at home by one goal. Unless against Loki, the blue and white have already managed to beat Siofok, who left Vak by a point. In addition, we should not forget that the Budapest team also won the mandatory matches, and their good performance culminated last week, when they led for a long time, in the end they were just a hair behind Ferencváros, and then on Saturday. They came from ten to six against defending champions Jyori Ito.

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“The girls needed a new push to cool off. This is a good team, but a little sense of success was needed to get them to believe in each other and in the fact that work done together will start the bandwagon.” Follow Vágo. – The club’s target was somewhere between fifth and seventh, but when I took over the team we weren’t in a good position. In addition, two key players, Petra Korunczai and Ana Kekizović, were injured, and we can no longer count on them this season. The task is difficult but not impossible. For this we have to go step by step, and then we will see what will be enough.

In a previous interview with Nemzeti Sport, Attila Fago talked about how he basically wants to overhaul his team’s defence. Although this has only been partially achieved in the last eight rounds – on average, instead of the previous 29.8, the team scored 28.4 goals per match with the new coach – MTK has certainly improved in attack and efficiency: the average points of the Budapest team have increased by More than three goals from 26 to 29.4 the number of goals.

“We also managed to improve defensively, but the stats are deceiving, because everyone scores a lot of goals against ETO and Fradi. As far as our attacks are concerned, we score more running goals for some reason, and this fast game suits the team. Moreover, those who They come in the second and third waves also participate well in the game, we’ve certainly made progress in the game in that regard. He said.

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The coach also answered the question whether, in his opinion, it is possible to formulate more daring goals for the continuation, but one thing is certain, the series of results so far can give MTK reason for confidence.

“Staying in the center shouldn’t be a problem, but the midfield is very dense Attila Vágo has been added. – Between 4th and 12th, any team can beat either of them, and there have already been surprise results, and there will also be qualifiers, so the final is sure to be close. Hopefully we can come out of it well and finish it on the highest level possible.”

the work
1. Gyor 14 13 1 447-325 +122 26
2. FTC 13 12 1 429-318 +111 25
3. Depressin 15 10 1 4 439-386 +53 21
4. Mosonmagyaróvár 12 8 4 377 – 327 +50 16
5.Vac 12 6 2 4 316 – 314 +2 14
6. Siofok 12 6 1 5 316 – 316 0 13
7. Dunaujváros 13 5 2 6 333 – 387 -54 12
8. MTK 14 4 2 8 391-406 -15 10
9. Budaors 12 4 2 6 301 – 326 -25 10
10. Kisvarda 13 5 8 297-325 -28 10
11. Fairvar 12 4 2 6 302 – 344 -42 10
12. Interest 12 2 10 300–359 -59 4
13. Piquiscapa 12 2 10 287-348 -61 4
14. Nika 12 1 1 10 277 – 331 -54 3

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