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The Gex Trilogy: Has the remake of The Adventures of the Super-Cute TV Gecko Adventures Beloved by Retro Gamers Been Revealed? [VIDEO]

The Gex Trilogy: Has the remake of The Adventures of the Super-Cute TV Gecko Adventures Beloved by Retro Gamers Been Revealed? [VIDEO]

Square Enix inexplicably retained the rights to the Gex IP (as the publisher's name appears in the cast list), and Limited Run Games is updating a game that's been neglected for over two decades (and is probably forgotten today) with the help of Gecko's own carbon engine.

Carbon Engine is a developer toolkit that lets you create emulation-based ports of classic games for modern hardware. So, basically, there are no remakes or remakes of the three Crystal Dynamics games, but Gex comes with emulation on all relevant platforms. It's more than nothing, of course, but we can expect more than that, right?

The first Gex was released (as a 2D game!) for the 3DO, PC, SEGA Saturn, and PS1 systems, and the gecko was unofficially the 3DO knight. The sequel, Gex: Enter the Gecko, was released for PS1, PC, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Color, but the GBC port was by definition a side-scrolling 2D platformer, since a 3D platformer was what it wouldn't have. I worked on him. The final part of the trilogy, Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, was only available on three platforms, because it skipped PC, so it was only on PS1, N64 and GBC (this time on Nintendo's original handheld 3D console). The pattern was there due to technical limitations). And in 2022, a prototype, or rather a demo, of the concept of the planned fourth part appeared. Gex Jr has been hidden away on CD-ROM for over two decades, and is now available for download at Understandably, this is not a complete game.

Crystal Dynamics is no longer owned by Square Enix, so it's a bit strange that the rights to Gex still exist. In any case, the Gex trilogy will be available for pre-order sometime in the fall. Release date not yet known, only targeted platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PC (Steam), and Nintendo Switch. Yes, the Xbox One has been left out of the list.

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