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The Germans won for the first time, and they announced Canada in the final!

The Germans won for the first time, and they announced Canada in the final!

As one of the biggest surprises at the Pyongyang Winter Olympics, the German hockey team defeated Canada 4-3 in the men’s tournament, reaching the finals.

The Germans score exciting goals (Photo: AFP)

The Germans took the lead, from a double human advantage through Brooks Masik. The match was not very peaceful, with the officials awarding six offers for the two minutes until the first goal.

Masik’s goal


At the start of the second half, the Germans added to the surprise: Matthias Plachta scored Patrick Hajar’s goal after a very fine pass.

We didn’t even get to the middle of the match, and the story really smelled like a knockout: Frank Mauer also received his third German Beauty Award.

What’s going on?

The Canadians were given a forum and used to beautify it (Gilbert Brühl):

But with the Germans’ fourth goal progressing rapidly, Patrick Hagar perfectly put his bat in a long shot and shot the ball in defense in goal.

Brulé couldn’t stand it and nearly stole one of the Germans. Because of this, Brulé was awarded a penalty of 25 minutes and Canada was at a human disadvantage for five minutes.

Early in the third quarter, Canada was glorified again, scoring Matt Robinson.

Ten minutes before the match was over, Derek Roy was also fruitful, so the Canadians came ahead with a goal. The goalkeeper also injured his hair two and a half minutes before the end, but they were no longer able to equalize, so Germany won 4-3.

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After two defeats, two more wins and one success in throwing, the Germans won their first in normal time in Pyongyang. And only against Canada …

So said the German correspondents:

The Russians beat the Czechs smoothly (Photo: AFP)

In the other match, the Russian national team defeated the Czech Republic 3-0.

The first goal should have been scored for the second third, Nikk Josef fired a shot from distance in the 28th minute. The referees gave the punch after some videos, because at the beginning it was not clear whether the Russian player against goalkeeper Kirill Kaprizov had prevented Pavel Frankoz from the defense. Finally, the goal was scored.

A minute later, the second Russian goal came via Vladislav Gavrikov, and it was already clear.

The Russians had a massive advantage, so at the end of the third quarter, the Czechs took a risk and dropped the goalkeeper. He did not come, and Ilya Kovalchuk scored the empty goal, and the Russians won 3-0.

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Winter Olympics, Pyeongjang
Hockey, men’s tournament
The semifinals

Canada-Germany 3-4 (0–1, 1–3, 2–0)
The Czech Republic and Russia team 0-3 (0–0, 0–2, 0–1)
Sunday 5.10: Russia – Germany
the third place:
Saturday 13.10: Czech Republic-Canada

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