The gameplay offer I received at E3 is Battlefield 2042

The gameplay offer I received at E3 is Battlefield 2042

E3 2021

The announcer’s progress is not excessive: there will be a turnover of the thousand here.

06/20/2021 19:31 | Greg | Class: E3 2021

Of course, E3 can’t miss what was announced just a few days ago Battlefield 2042 nor any Microsoft and the Bethesda He showed himself on his show. So far, we’ve only gotten a pretty strong enthusiast for it, which, although built largely on the distinct elements of the multiplayer gaming experience, has yet to feature a specific gameplay.

The day has come for that, in a new trailer that is no less impressive and exciting than the impact, the makers showed what they wanted to offer in Battlefield 2042. From your point of view, the first artist will not be overkill, nor will there be a shortage of episodic elements and massive clashes that promise to be exciting.

Battlefield 2042 for PC will be released on October 22 for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It will also have a closed and open beta before then. ■

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Battlefield 2042
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