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The Game Awards are hosted in a new preview of the long-awaited game, and there is also an idea of ​​what

The Game Awards are hosted in a new preview of the long-awaited game, and there is also an idea of ​​what

It’s only a year and a half weeks We have to wait for this year’s The Game Awards, the most popular video gamer awards ceremony, which tends to be very interesting primarily because of the abundance of new ads, and not just the nominees and winners. And Jeff Kelly, who organizes and hosts the show, has, as usual, begun to anticipate the exciting performances that audiences can expect. This morning, for example, he wrote on Twitter that he’s now seen the “final cut” from the “world premiere” they’ve been working with developers for two and a half years.

We think that based on a lot of information, this mystery game could be practically anything, but the genius people on the internet still have a definite idea. Some have suggested that it might be The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, saying that it was announced two and a half years ago at E3 2013. Then there were those who noted that this was a world premiere, so it couldn’t be BotW2 because it was a declared game. But they replied that Kelly was about to. He calls it every great revelation. Indeed, BotW’s first presentation at a TGA anno was also called the world premiere, despite it was previously announced at E3.

Nintendo hasn’t talked about Breath of the Wild 2 for long, but at this year’s E3 it did get a brief preview that led to gameplay flashes, and it turns out the adventure game will release sometime in 2022. However, for now, there are plenty of Questions about the game are more than answered, with Nintendo, for example, deliberately not yet revealing its final title, saying it’s a spoiler. For this reason, it would be understandable to provide a more in-depth presentation that reveals both the title and the exact release date that will be presented at TGA with the world’s premiere tag.

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Keighley previously said that this year’s TGA will take place on December 9 (which will be home at dawn the next day…), and will be rampant again, with around 40-50 games to be revealed. You can find the list of candidates for 2021 here.

Source: Twitter

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