The fuse has been cut for many, so they can review one of the most sensitive points in America’s anti-inflation law package

South Korea’s National Security Adviser Kim Sung Han met with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Thursday Hawaii, where they met in a trilateral meeting. The purpose of the meeting is Between the United States, Japan and South Korea, the primary objective was to coordinate their policy in the Indo-Pacific in light of the tensions between China and Taiwan.

However, there were concerns in the leadership of the two Asian countries Joe Biden signed him in August Anti-inflation law because of its provisions on the production of electric cars. It is among the measures of the new law Also ending subsidies for electric vehicles manufactured outside North America, which could affect companies such as Hyundai, Kia or Toyota.

Kim said he raised the issue in a bilateral meeting with Sullivan, who responded with a pledge to look into the law’s impact at the National Security Council. South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Lee Do-hoon announced on Tuesday that South Korea asked Washington to delay the law’s entry into force. Seoul by 2025 Exemption request, because according to plans This is how Hyundai finishes building its plant in Georgia.

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