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The French win for the second time, but they’re not really happy –
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The French win for the second time, but they’re not really happy –

The second round of the group stage of this year’s Rugby World Cup began with a French victory: the home team “Blues” beat Uruguay 27-12 on Thursday evening in Lille.

Melvin Jaminet (with the ball) scored 12 points for the French team (Photo: Getty Images)

“One victory and no more” – This is how the French sports daily L’Equipe summarized the success it achieved in covering it with greater difficulty than expected, without covering the aforementioned disappointment because the “Blues” only entered the Uruguay goal area three times, meaning that they failed to obtain an additional point, and had to be content with the victory rule. , by four.

Of course, it should be noted that the French team had a completely different attitude on the occasion of the crushing but exhausting victory over the New Zealanders in the opening match: only three of the 15 starting players at that time were on the field at the start of Thursday’s match. Battle against Uruguay.

The red-hot South Americans were equal partners for almost an hour, and it was not until shortly before the end, in the 73rd minute, that Luis Biel-Billary completed the goal, after which the hosts cruised to victory. In the final, Sekou Makalu also brought the ball into the goal area with a great burst, but the action needed to get the coveted bonus point was taken away from the French by the referees after the video.

Melvin Jaminet contributed 12 points to the win on three free goals and two penalty kicks. The French will continue their clash with Namibia in a week, while Uruguay will play Italy after that.

World Championship, France
Group round, second round
Group A, Lille
France-Uruguay 27-12
the job:
1. France 8 points (2 goals), 2. Italy 5 (1), 3. New Zealand 0 (1), 4. Uruguay 0 (1), 5. Namibia 0 (1).

About the rugby toilet – in brief
The Rugby World Cup, which is held every four years and is now being held for the tenth time Twenty selected Participates: In the group stage (September 8 – October 8), four groups of five teams compete in league matches, The first two of each quintet Enters the straight elimination phase. The quarter-finals are on October 14-15, the semi-finals are on October 20-21, and the bronze match is on October 27. The final will be on October 28th.
Group schedule
the group: New Zealand, France, Italy, Uruguay, Namibia
Group B: South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Tonga, Romania
Group C: Wales, Australia, Fiji, Georgia, Portugal
Group D: England, Japan, Argentina, Samoa, Chile
In order to win 4 Points for a draw 2. At least four goals in one match Bonus point Worth it, too Bonus point It goes to the losing team that loses by seven points or less.
According to the announcement of the competition, between two matches of the national team in the World Cup At least five days must pass, So players can renew.
Former world champions: New Zealand (3), South Africa (3 – defending champions), Australia (2), England (1)
Round 1 recap is here!

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