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The French protagonist of Cannes – Coronavrusos Ildik Enyedi

July 10, 2021 11:10 PM

The French crown audition for La Seydoux, who created the 74th Cannes Film Festival, including the Hungarian competition film Eldec Ennedi, played a positive role in my wife’s story.

According to the source, the French have been vaccinated against the coronary virus, and he does not show symptoms, but he tested positive a few days ago. La Seydoux is currently waiting for his doctor’s opinion on whether he can participate in the festival.

The French scientist is one of the most awaited guests on the red carpet after my wife’s story in American Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch cm in two French films, Bruno Dumont in France and Arnaud Dispatch in Trombery.
The Hungarian competition film will be shown on Wednesday.

The film festival, which was postponed last year due to the outbreak of a pandemic and postponed by two months and began on Tuesday, is the first major international cultural event to be held in a traditional way, with the personal participation of creators and professionals. Reception halls can operate with a capacity of 100 people, but the festival area can only be entered with a document proving protection against coronary virus (certificate of vaccination or available on site free of charge, no more than 48 negative tests), and a mask wearer is required.

Approximately 4,000 haircuts are performed per day at festival testing sessions, all of which are non-exempt in the absence of a valid vaccination certificate.
According to the organizers, very few positive cases have been reported so far.

“There is no place in Cannes,” festival director Thierry Fremaux said on Saturday. He added, “Everyone is very keen, we want to be good, we want the festival to go on until the end, and it’s over.”

President Pierre Lescure said there was no positive test on Saturday, only one positive case was found on Friday, and the fast start to the festival has tested positive for an average of two people a day.

Regulators also emphasize observance of legal rules, because more and more contagious deltas are gaining more and more ground in France, causing more infections than ever before, leading to an increase in the number of daily cases again in recent days, although it was There is always a little.

The Health Dance Council, at the invitation of the President’s office, will discuss the need for better restrictions to avoid a potential fourth wave of coronary artery disease.


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