The French are very upset with Boris Johnson's message - the relationship between the two countries is starting to rage

The French are very upset with Boris Johnson’s message – the relationship between the two countries is starting to rage

Relations between the two countries began to deteriorate after at least 27 people, including seven women and three children, drowned at sea on Wednesday while trying to cross the Strait of Dover from France to England in boats.

As a result, Boris Johnson wrote an open letter to the French proposing five measures to curb illegal immigration through the English Channel. These include joint police patrols off the coast of France and mutual maritime patrols in each other’s territorial waters, the installation of modern technical equipment such as sonar and radar, closer cooperation between air surveillance and joint intelligence services, and last but not least, an agreement between the two countries as soon as possible on the readmission of migrants for the purpose of Crossing the English Channel.

The French government declared the British Prime Minister’s message unacceptable, and announced that it would withdraw the invitation of Home Secretary Priti Patel to attend the immigration summit in Calais. The French also complained that the letter did not take into account France’s efforts to secure the coastal coast.

However, British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps defended the letter and hoped the French would reconsider their position.

Cover image source: Stefan Rousseau / PA Images via Getty Images

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