A Stranger Things 4. évada megmutatta, a Netflix képes többre is, mint az egyszerű középszer bevezetőkép

The fourth season of Stranger Things showed that Netflix can do more than just average

We’re pretty sure the finale of Season 4 and Season 5 will be at least as good.

It was worth the long wait for Stranger Things to continue, and the first slice of season 4 is so good that we can now stand half a foot until the last two episodes. We’ve got a two-part season four, which may seem like a very strange decision, but it’s not really a bad one.

Among other things, we’ll talk about this in detail in the video below, as well as explain why the series shines and how it rises so high above the Netflix average. It is important that we are completely free from the spoiler and ask you to do the same!

We can only hope that it’s truly impossible to ruin the series from here, and that the end of Stranger Things is as fun as the road going there.

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