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The Formula E army driver laughed at Tektah’s engine partner

Although they haven’t had much success in the Dragon Penske Formula E adventure so far, they have taken over one of the best manufacturers of the new era.

Giovinazzi A . team Gen3At the beginning of his reign he gave up his position as a manufacturer and looked for a supplier. The Race As far as she is aware, they have entered into a similar partnership with DS as it is currently underway with Techeetah. This also means that in addition to the powertrains, they will also receive technical assistance, but there will be no official factory team.

The US team decided not to run its powertrain late last year, and all manufacturers have been consulted since. Eventually, due to Tekketa’s financial difficulties, a seat in the DS was vacated so that they could bump into it.

Photo: Simon Galloway / LAT Images / FIA Formula E.

At least it seems. So far, neither Dragon Penske nor DS has confirmed the news Race To call. While Techeetah could claim to be a two-time champion, Dragon Penske was unable to break out of the bottom three in the team championship after initial success.


Although the decision may seem questionable at first, Giovinazzi However, the arrival of Team Penske and the growing role of Team Penske give them confidence.

The French plant will start testing from May to June. By then, the concept car and technical components of Formula E manufacturers from Spark Racing Technologies and Williams Advanced Engineering will arrive.

Maserati hasn’t been given a similar opportunity since it turned out to be DS Repaint resources are used and then.

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