The former Mexican public prosecutor has arrested more than 43 missing students

The former Mexican public prosecutor has arrested more than 43 missing students

Former Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo was arrested at his home on Friday in connection with the disappearance of 43 students in 2014. Jesus Murillo is being held on charges of disappearance, torture and obstruction of justice.

On September 26, 2014, a bus full of teacher training students Under pressure at bay A Mexican police unit then the students disappeared. The case sparked nationwide outrage in Mexico, where tens of thousands of people took part in several demonstrations calling on the authorities to investigate the case quickly.

And the investigation did not lead to any results for a long time, and then it turned out that the policemen who took the students away could be connected with Mexican gangs. Moreover, according to the suspicion at the time, the police were appointed by the mayor and his wife from the city of Iguala in the state of Guerrero (where the trained teachers went).

Police later handed the students over to local gang members, who killed them, burned the bodies in a rubbish dump, and threw their remains into a river. The Mexican police only managed to identify the remains of three students, after which they interrogated the suspected members of the criminal gang as suspects. Three of them confessed to the crime.

Jesus Murillo.

Photo: Yuri Cortez/AFP

Murillo served as attorney general from 2012 to 2015, during which time he oversaw the much-criticized investigation into missing children. International experts say the official investigation has been marred by mistakes and abuses, including torture of witnesses. When Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador became president in 2018, he promised to remove the Guerrero case.

Murillo’s arrest came a day after a Mexican human rights official, Alejandro Encinas, described the disappearances, which implicated local, state and federal officials, as a “state crime.”Encinas said government authorities and criminal groups were responsible for the disappearance of the students. The highest levels of President Peña Nieto’s administration attempted to cover up what happened, including by altering crime scenes and concealing links between authorities and criminals. (guardian)

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