The Hungarian water polo team is qualified

The following doubles have been withdrawn from the Hungarian Cup

In the first round of the Hungarian Cup of the Hungarian Cup in the province of Csongrád-Csanád, we managed to face many interesting things, while the pairing of the second day of the match (August 25) was completed.

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At the start of the match, he scored a key four in 22 minutes, then rested a bit and made another three to harvest in the second half.
Székkutas’ routine, 32-year-old striker Dezső Rácz, made his first-round match in the Hungarian Cup in Csongrád-Csanád province truly memorable, because while his team won 11-2 in Fábiánsebestyén, he was successful seven times alone.

In goal tally, Feketeszéli Domaszék and Zsombó were not far from this match by one difference: the guests won 7-5 … There was only one double player on the Hungarian side (Szabolcs Darvasi), while Dániel Mocsári tripled on the Zombó side .

Csanádpalota won 6-3 in Ruzsán, Csengele won 6-2 in Gyálarét, Mindszent won 7-0 in Pusztamérges, Öttömös won 8-1 as the guest of the newly formed Szegvár MAS SE, and Maroslelen won 7-1. The matches were the richest in goals. There was a place where 90 minutes (plus extra time) did not make a decision: in Ásotthalom after 1-1 the Hungarians took an 11 lead against Szegvár, after 2-2 in Földeák only the host took penalties exactly against Baks, while in Forráskút, Guest Kistelek can be happy, because he won after 2-2 with 11s.

In most meetings, the higher the unit is likely to advance, while in Röszke District III. The Hungarians defeated the Üllés at the county level for 5-0.

True, the guests were already exhausted in the 14th minute due to Zámbó G. exhibition, then in the 64th minute they lost another man to a red card, then Röszke scored three more hits.

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In the meantime, the pairing of the second round has also been completed: the second round will take place on Wednesday, August 25, when these matches will take place:
Csanádpalota – UTC, Ásotthalom – Kiskundorozsma, Algyő – DAFC Szeged, Apátfalva – Mórahalom, Balástya – Tiszasziget, Szegedi Pázsit SE – SZVSE, Szatymaz – Mureş UFC, St. / Winner of Csanytelek, Kübekháza – Székkutas, Zákányszék – Zsombó, Röszke – Bordány, FK 1899 Szeged -Deszk.

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