The first ultra-fast SSD launched

It can read and write at 10Gbps.

Contrary to expectations, solid-state drives using the PCI Express 5.0 interface did not become available at the end of last year, although both Intel and AMD already have motherboards and processors that support them. Manufacturers did not blame the media for the cause of the slip, but it is likely that it will begin to be distributed more widely at the end of summer.

The product was supposed to be launched in NovemberSource: CFD Gaming

Regardless of this, the ice has now been broken, the Japanese brand CFD Gaming has already launched an SSD with PCIE 5.0 interface, which they have been showing off for months. The product, which is not given a sonorous name, is currently only available in a 2TB version. According to the manufacturer, this model is capable of sequential read speeds of 10 GB/s and sequential write speeds of 9.5 GB/s, while random read and write speeds can reach 1, 5 million and 1.25 million IOPS.

The M.2-format SSD comes with active cooling, and a small fan has been added to the top of the giant cooling fin, so that the chips don’t get too hot, and in the worst case minimally, transfer performance is hampered.

CFD Gaming charges 49,980 yen, roughly 138,000 HUF, for the Phison E26 driver.

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