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The first two places belong to Falco and Alba –

The first two places belong to Falco and Alba –

There are five rounds remaining in the men's top flight regular season. We've taken a look at how the qualifying positions develop in the heat: The field is close, so there are still a lot of questions – nothing is certain except for the top two.

He leads the list with 20 wins Falco Volcano Energia KC Szombathely He's one win away from a certain regular-season lead: if he wins, that is Arconic Alba Vihervar It also finished the regular season on top, regardless of the results of other matches.

However, the two teams only meet in the final round: if the difference between the two sides is more than one win, that match (in terms of classification) is no longer at stake. This is also true for Alba: he has 17 victories, which none of the chasing teams can take from the field, so he does not have to pay attention to the “back”.

Tournament standings:

H a team M Gee Fifth a point DP Conservative Party Rel.point
1. Falco Volcano Energia KC Szombathely 21 20 1 41 2018 1573 0.976
2. Arconic Alba Vihervar 21 17 4 38 1961 1771 0.905
3. NHSZ-Szolnoki oil miner 21 11 10 32 1723 1766 0.762
4. DEAC 21 11 10 32 1596 1620 0.762
5. Sopron KC 21 11 10 32 1653 1699 0.762
6. Aegis Cormind 21 11 10 32 1777 1760 0.762
7. Cometa Kaposvari KK 21 9 12 30 1712 1788 0.714
8. SE Nuclear Power Plant 21 9 12 30 1687 1769 0.714
9. Zalakiramya ZTE KK 21 9 12 30 1788 1858 0.714
10. NKA University of Pécs 21 8 13 29 1702 1782 0.690
11. Budapest Honved SE 21 8 13 29 1662 1700 0.690
12. SZTE-Sedeak 21 8 13 29 1838 1892 0.690
13. MVM-OSE black 21 8 13 29 1710 1763 0.690
14. Donna Aszfalt-DTKH Kecskemét 21 7 14 28 1687 1773 0.667
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the NHSZ-Szolnoki oil minerthe DEACthe Sopron KC And that Aegis Cormind With his 11-11 win, he follows the leaders who left the field. They have a step advantage over those chasing them, but need wins to get the best possible positions in the playoffs. Mathematically, either team still has a chance of getting out of the quarter-finals, but it's less likely in their case – a 12-13 win should definitely be enough to reach the playoffs.

In seventh place A Cometa Kaposvari KK The teams streak opens with 9 wins, which is SE Nuclear Power PlantWith and a Zalakiramya ZTE KKComplete with At the moment, the imaginary line is “above” ZTE.

He still has plenty of chances to reach the playoffs NKA University of Pécs, Budapest Honved SE, SZTE-Sedeak, MVM-OSE black For four also: with just one victory behind (8), they follow the previous trio. Army driver Donna Aszfalt-DTKH Kecskemét His situation is not hopeless either: he finished the field with 7 victories.

This year, the playoffs follow the regular season: first place meets eighth place, second place meets seventh place, third place meets sixth place, and fourth place meets fifth place in the quarter-finals with three wins. Teams that lose the playoffs play in a round-robin system to avoid elimination.

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