The first time they would attempt a Silverstone sprint in front of 100,000 spectators

Formula 1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali said the half-hour sprint race could start for the first time in series history on Saturday at the British Grand Prix.

The Italian specialist A. daily Mail The sports edition announced the look and plans. The British venue may be one of three tracks where we will see the competition on Saturday.

It is planned that, at a historic moment on July 17, there could be 100,000 spectators, if restrictions allowed. This weekend, the traditional counter will be moved to Friday, which will determine the starting order for the sprint race on Saturday. The distance of this race will be a third of Sunday’s race and the final result will determine the starting line-up for the main race.

More details will be discussed in Bahrain prior to the test.

We’ll also finish the more intricate details of these plans shortly. What is certain is that we do not want to take away the prestige of the Grand Prix, it remains the highlight of the weekend. The qualifiers will be on Friday and the time for the test race will be on Saturday. Thus, we can offer meaningful promotions the day before the competition. It will also provide more content for viewers, media and moderators. It would be about half an hour, and then it wouldn’t be Platform. We’ll have to wait until that Sunday. But we are giving points for her amount, which has not yet been determined, and it will also determine the starting order of the race. I can tell you that there will be a sprint like this in Silverstone. ” Dominically announced.

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In addition to the British asphalt sector, Monza, Brazil and Canada may also have the opportunity to host other enemy races.

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