As the commander mentioned months ago, It was only a matter of timeTo make Tesla appear in Hungary, too. According to the original plans, this could have happened on April 16, and finally Tesla Hungary Kft. Work started on Friday, Villanyautó

At the moment, Tesla’s activities in Hungary are taking place in a temporary pavilion at MOM Park, but the American electric vehicle manufacturer is already planning to open a permanent showroom and branding service in Budapest. trade mark On the Hungarian language website But we can actually buy.

The cheapest way to acquire the Tesla Model 3 is just under 15 million HUF, and the highest model is at 22.5 million HUF. Currently, this is the only species for which another September delivery date has been promised here in Hungary.

Those who wish to purchase a copy of the Model S or Model X, on the other hand, will have to wait until the first quarter of 2022 for delivery; Prices range from 35-58 million HUF to 38-46 million HUF, depending on specifications. There is currently no accurate information on official European specifications and model Y prices.