The first rumors of Far Cry 7 for Sunday

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Ubisoft is working on not one, but two new games.

01/29/2023 10:31 | Gehrig | Category: game news

Recently, there have been reports that UbisoftWell, according to the latest rumors, one of the biggest and most popular titles of French publishers is not among them.

The Far Cry franchise has been in production at Ubisoft since its sequel in 2008 and has reached its sixth numbered episode in the last fifteen years, in addition to having received several spin-offs. And now there are whispers on the World Wide Web that it has been working for years Far Cry 7. Of course, this in itself does not surprise anyone.

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However, there are also rumors that not only Far Cry 7 is in the works, but also a multiplayer standalone game within the Far Cry series. In this regard, it is rumored that the two games were originally conceived as a single project, but when producer Dan Hay left Activision Blizzard publisher in 2021, the two games were optioned separately.

The already installed Snowdrop engine will run under them. As for the appearance, no one should count on it before 2025. Of course, these are all just rumors for now, and they are part of it. From Insider Gaming magazineAnd another part From Kotaku Stems from. Both pages refer to sources close to the projects. ■

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