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The first matches of the LoL World Championship have been drawn
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The first matches of the LoL World Championship have been drawn

On October 10, 2023, the Worlds League of Legends World Championship will officially begin, where the strongest teams from the biggest regions will compete for eternal glory.

After the grand finale of the 2023 LEC Season Finals, Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu took the lead in Montpellier, as one of the greatest legends in the EMEA region, Team EXCEL, drew the first doubles of this year’s World Championship. Eight teams are battling it out in this stage, but only the top two will advance to the main table, where the giants are already waiting for them.

The first matches of the LoL World Championship have been drawnSource: Origo

The PCS (Southeast Asia, as well as Australia and Oceania) and the Vietnamese League each send two representatives to the Play-In, while Japan, Latin America and Brazil enter the competition with one representative each. The eighth spot will be awarded to the winner of the Global Qualifying Series, which will be either Golden Guardians (4th in LCS) or Team BDS (4th in LEC). The Bo5 competition for last place will be held in Seoul on October 9, right before the World Cup.

From the above branch chart, it can be seen that the first GAM Esports and LOUD, as well as PSG Talon and Rainbow7 will clash in Bo3 on one of the branches. On the other side, Golden Guardians or Team BDS could face Team Whales, and CTBC Flying Oyster will face Japanese record champion DetonatioN FocusMe. It is definitely worth paying attention to the “whales”, because the Vietnamese silver medalist is considered such a “small fish” in this field that they have just started creating social media pages linked to the organization. The name BeanJ is a guarantee that viewers can expect amazing action from a truly experienced jungle veteran, Besides him, Bie is the only one in the starting XI who has actually reached such heights.

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