The first American soldiers arrived in Slovakia

The first American soldiers arrived in Slovakia

The first US soldiers arrived in Slovakia for the Saber Strike exercise on Wednesday evening.

A military convoy from the Czech Republic crossed the Slovak border at the Lanzut – Brodsky border crossing and continued on to the air base in Malaki – Kochina. A group of protesters were at the border waiting for the American convoy. Andrej Danko, the former speaker of the Slovak Parliament and leader of the Slovak National Party, who himself took part in the protest, mentioned a few hundred protesters in his position on social media.

According to a report by the Czech state news agency CTK, US forces traveling from Germany to Slovakia via the Czech Republic will pass through the Czech Republic in five groups, each divided into 3-5 smaller divisions, the latter of which is expected to leave. country on Tuesday.

According to a weekly report of the Slovak Defense Ministry, about 2,000 US soldiers and about 600 combat and technical equipment will arrive in Slovakia to participate in the Saber Strike exercise. According to the ministry, approximately 1,300 members of the Slovak Armed Forces will participate in the exercises.

The Slovak Defense Ministry said that the planned military exercises with the participation of US forces The current security situation in Ukraine They interact,” MTI wrote.

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